CAMHOLIC---Who Are We?

"camholic = camera(カメラ) + aholic(中毒)"

カメラと写真を心から愛する8名によるグループ。2010年に東京都写真協会主催の1000人の写真展に参加したメンバー、ashmoca、hiro、 joymama、kAz_55、mykの5名を軸に、今年新たにaya、mimar、14zawaという3名の精鋭を迎え、2011年6月にcamholicを結成しました。8名のメンバーは、使用しているカメラや主な被写体こそ異なりますが、独自のスタイルや視点を以てカメラや写真に真剣に向き合っているという点では変わりません。



CAMHOLIC is composed of 8 members (Japanese) who really love cameras and photography. We started this activity with members who had joined in a photo exhibition, "1000人の写真展" (Sennin-no-shashin-ten) hold by The Photographic Society of Japan (2010), and we newly formed the group with additional best and the brightest members, aya, mimar, 14zawa this year, in 2011. The cameras we are using and our main subjects are totally different among us, but we are respecting our styles and perspectives each other, and have the same serious attitudes toward cameras and photography.

We would be grateful if you could enjoy the world which is beyond human cognition, such as stimulation of shooting a moment that we will never see, the fun of encountering a new world near at hand, and the excitement of finding a scene that you can never see with your eyes. Sincerely, from CAMHOLIC

Thank you very much for your supports.

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